Tampa Bat Removal & Extermination

Tampa Pest Wildlife ™ doesn't actually exterminate bats. That would be illegal, uneccessary, and foolish. We humanely exclude the bats - that is, we indenty all areas of entry - and bats can get in gaps less than half an inch - and we seal everything shut, and remove all the bats via one-way exclusion methods. WE have a 100% success rate with bats, and we guarantee all of our work.
  • The most common species of colonizing bat in FL is the Free-Tail Bat.
  • The young are born in summer, and can't fly until August - that's when many people notice them, and that's when we do a lot of bat work.
  • Bat droppings can grow fungus that can be harmful to your health.
  • We clean up the bat waste after we remove them, and clean the attic.
  • Bat control is specialty work! Do not hire an amateur!

August 2011 - It is illegal to exclude bats during the summer months, because that is the maternity season, when the baby bats are born and unable to fly. The Free-Tail bat, which is the most common bat species in the Tampa Bay area, has its young in late May. By early-mid August, the baby bats are able to fly. Bat exclusions require that the young are able to fly. They need to be able to crawl out of the building and take wing. If not, any attempt at bat exclusion will fail, baby bats will die, the law will be broken, and the baby bats will crawl down the walls, probably get inside the house, and if not, die and stink. Now that August is here, we can safely exclude the bats. August 15 - May 20 is the bat removal season. But during June and July, you have to wait and be patient before removing any bats!

Example Bat Removal in Tampa Email:

Hi, I called you last week. Our home in Tampa, FL has possibly 100 bats living in the ceiling area of our porch. Above each gable running only along the porch area there is a space where the gable meets the tin roof that the bats are using to enter and live in this area. The rest of our roofline does not have this flaw. I do not think the bats have access to the rest of our house. The bats do come out at dusk and return at dawn. Therefore, I am not sure if this is a construction problem or a pest control problem. If we close each space above the gable at night will this solve the bat problem? Do you specialize in “bat proofing” a building? Photos will follow this email. We will appreciate your help. Teri

My response: Of course I specialize in bat-proofing! It's my top area of expertise (along with rat-proofing). If you do as you suggest, and merely seal the holes at night, you will end up with a big problem on your hands, because the bats fly in and out all night, and they're never all out at one time. You need a proper exclusion with a one-way door or a series of exclusion netting. Give me a call, and we'll set up a time to come to your house to take care of it properly and legally. I can be over tomorrow!

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