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Tampa Pest Wildlife ™ - most of our bird control work is actually exclusion and prevention work. We don't often trap the birds, as seen to this photo on the right. I trapped these birds because there was no other alternative, but most of the time, we install bird spikes or other deterrents to prevent the birds, usually pigeons, from roosting on unwanted areas.
  • Pigeons often roost on ledges, beams, and store signs.
  • Pigeons also commonly live in attics.
  • Pigeon droppings are unsightly, and may cause disease.
  • We deter the birds from roosting in the unwanted areas.
  • We clean up the pigeon waste after we exclude them.

Should I Hire a Pro, or Remove Pigeons Myself?
There is no denying on the fact that pigeons are considered as household pests. These birds can roost on most man-made structures whether in the urban areas or around the cities. A pigeon leaves behind its droppings anywhere it could be and can bring a lot of hassle whenever it goes inside the chimneys. Do you think you can handle it or you’dbetter leave all your care in the hands of the pro?

They know better
Pigeons not only live inside your cozy inglenook but can also make their way inside your attic, air-conditioning units, ledges, ducts and anyplace they can fit their heads and body in. These birds look lovely and there can be no doubt some people see them as “companions”. But in any case that you don’t have that thing for pigeons, you don’t have to get rid of them by doing harmful thingson these animals. Any Wildlife professional knows how to deal with bird problems and can be of much help than opting to solve these things on your own.

Trial by mistake
An average person can do temporary solutions when faced with this circumstance but there is no guarantee it won’t happen again. We can come up with different ways to avoid pigeons at all costs but half of them won’t be as effective as we think it should be. Now if there is a pigeon trapped inside your attic or chimney, for sure you may try several tactics to let it come out. But not all of these are definitely harmless whether it’s for the bird or your own safety.

Here’s another plot
In most cases, you probably have tried covering the ducts and chimneys but these birds can be tricky and still find their way in. But another reason it becomes a whole lot of trouble is finding a nest of baby pigeons that you’re not supposed to touch or anything. A good wildlife professional knows all about their nesting habits and how it can be moved to a much suitable environment without causing unnecessary disturbance to the young pigeons.

And so here’s why you should hire a professional:
• A wildlife pro can deploy traps around the area for pigeons to prevent them from coming back
• These experts have wide range of knowledge on how to handle animals like pigeons and find appropriate places to relocate
• They can secure your home with preventive measures on other wildlife animal threats aside from birds

Example Bird Removal in Tampa Email:

Hello, I am writing concerning two wild turkeys that have taken up residence in our neighborhood in Dean's Reserve, off Dean Road in Tampa, Florida. I am not the only neighbor pestered by these large wild turkeys, they roam the neighborhood and are a nuisance. They eat acorns and poop all over our driveway. I don't know where to get help to remove them, and don't want to spend a lot of money on it, can you advise me what to do?

My response: I usually handle pigeon problems, or birds on buildings and in attics. But with turkeys, you can't trap and remove them, but you can harass them - for example, you can install a motion-sensitive water sprayer by your driveway, and it'll scare them off.

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