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Tampa Pest Wildlife ™ are expert rat control specialists. We consider ourselves the best rat control company in the Tampa Bay area, and have a 100% success record. We give a guarantee on all of our rat control work. We don't just poison or trap rats - we solve the root of the problem, and use integrated pest management and structural repair and prevention work to solve the problem permanently.
  • Rats most commonly enter the walls or attic.
  • You may hear scratching or scampering in the ceiling at night.
  • You may find small rat droppings or few gnawed on.
  • We eliminate all rats and seal off all areas of entry.
  • We clean up the rat waste after we catch them, and clean the attic.

Biology of Black Rat
Scientific studies have shown, rats have many different species in various parts of the world – the black rat is one. Black rats are sometimes often called “roof rats” due to their similarities and are known as one of the most-troubling pests ever exists. It is important to know, not all rats are pests, there are other species that do not pose concerns to human’s in their daily behavior. In this article, we are going to look at the biology of black rats as studied by scientists across the globe.

Black rats’ scientific classification
Black rats are known to be species of which its origin can be traced to tropical Asia. It belongs to the kingdom Animalia of the Mamalian class. Scientists have also revealed that black rats’ are from the Muridae family with sub family as Murinae. Its scientific name is Rattus, and it belongs to the rat species of R.Rasttus. They can easily be identified by their dark skin color which appears darker than other species.

The reproduction pattern of black rats is slightly different to other species of rat. They tend to produce fewer number of liters compared to other species like the Norway rat. They undergo a gestation period of about 22 days before giving birth to up to 6 liters. Research has shown, an adult black rat can produce up to 40 liters in a year and this usually occurs within the warmer months of the year.

Sense of organ functionality
Scientific studies reveal that black rats do not easily hibernate and are active rodents throughout the year; their sense of touch, tastes, as well as smell are perfectly alright and working well; but they have difficulties in vision – meaning their sense of sight is very poor. They are not aggressive and they don’t pose a threat to human lives; they are just the way they are and can be very sensitive to sounds and noise.

Expected lifespan
According to research conducted by Linzey, 1998; the average life expectancy of wild black rat is 1 year, but those in captives can live longer than that and can reach up to 4 years.

Note that this is a brief biological analysis of black rat (rattus rattus), and some things might be missing; however, the most important ones have been said. It is important to understand; black rats are one of the simplest species of rats and are not harmful to humans, but they also can cause destruction of properties; therefore, homeowners are advised to keep them away from their yards. Black rats can chew through most building materials and they can come up through the plumbing.

Example Rat Removal in Tampa Email:

Hi David, I can't find an answer for this online, thanks: A few rats were in my house while I was gone. My roommate walked in on two of them and they ran up the chimney. He closed the flu (thinking they could get out at the top. The top has a gate on it though, additionally it has slick walls. I came home two days later and could here it scratching and whimpering. I opened the flue but they wouldn't come out. So I popped the screen off the top but don't know if they made it out (probly not since I didn't know the rope trick). I feel terrible these boogers died in the chimney like that, even though they tore up the house pretty good. My question is: how do I remove the dead bodies? Do I reach up and around and just feel for em? (Yikes!). Thanks, Steve

My response: I guess in a case like that, get some gloves and remove the dead bodies, the sooner the better. You can use a flashlight and an inspection mirror to assist in locating the exact area the dead rats lie, which is what I do.  If you'd like to hire me, I am available 24-7, and I also do odor control for dead rats, which do smell very bad.

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