What can mice and rats chew through?

Rats and mice can chew through almost everything like pipes, wood carvings, electric wires, plastic, rubber among other materials it is therefore important to come up with the permanent solutions that will prevent rodents like rats and mice from getting into your house and gnawing almost everything.

Electric wires
It is very dangerous for mice to chew electric wires in that apart from causing power shortages, they are likely to cause fire outbreaks which is dangerous not only to humans but the entire house hold

Water pipes
They end up destroying water pipes which may result into leakages that may damage your property.

Clothes and wood
Rodents also sharpen their teeth by gnawing through clothes and pieces of wood around the house.

These are just common damages realized when there are mice in a building hence the best way to stop these animals from destroying your property is exclusion, eliminating areas that they use as entry points into your house and utilization of mouse proof products that will permanently keep them away from your house. Apart from these techniques, you have to ensure that you check any possible entry points like electrical and plumbing entry points, gutters, vents and the chimney. The best thing is to ensure that they are completely sealed off to prevent rodents from accessing your home and chewing through things.

Sealing off entry holes automatically prevents mice from getting into your house but you have to know that there are materials that will not do well if used to seal off these holes. Wood, rubber or plastic sheeting are useless because mice can chew through them when they come across them.

A mixture of caulking compounds and steel wool are good seal compounds because it is impossible for mice to gnaw through them. They are therefore the best permanent solutions that you can use to prevent rats and mice from entering your house via holes. Plain steel wool is not highly recommended because mice can pull it out and gnaw through it. Copper is also another best option because of the manner in which it is woven, in addition, it is believed to stick in rodents teeth making it very difficult to chew through. Using copper helps in saving costs because you will not be required to mix up any compounds.

Exclusion and trapping
Exclusion should be the first resort whereas trapping should be your last resort when getting rid of house mice. The advantage of exclusion is that you will be able to prevent mice from getting into your house for long compared trapping. When using exclusion fences, you have to ensure that they are well secured and all possible entry points are well sealed. For positive results you have to ensure that the fences are buried deep into the ground to prevent mice from burrowing under them.

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  • Rats most commonly enter the walls or attic.
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  • You may find small rat droppings or few gnawed on.
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