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Tampa Pest Wildlife ™ - to be honest, mice are very rare in the Tampa Bay area. Rats, Roof Rats specifically, are far more common. We do get many calls about "mice", but in all likelihood, you have actually seen a juvenile rat, which look almost identical and are very common. Some people also prefer the term "mouse" to the term "dirty stinking disease-ridden puke rat", but the truth is that the scampering in the night is not Mickey.
  • Mice most commonly enter the walls or attic.
  • You may hear scratching or scampering in the ceiling at night.
  • You may find tiny mouse droppings or few gnawed on.
  • We eliminate all mice and seal off all areas of entry.
  • We clean up the mouse waste after we catch them, and clean the attic.

Will homeowners insurance pay for house mouse damage?

Quick Answer
Insurance policies that come with homes and buildings are quite complicated so the most comprehensive answer that can be given is: it isn't usually the case. Most insurances specifically exclude such damages incurred by animals.

Standard policies
Most standard policies that come with homes and residential buildings exclude damages incurred from small rodents such as mice, rats, squirrels and even small birds such as pigeons. Even damages incurred because of the homeowners pets are not part of the insurance policy and homeowners should not expect to get paid for this. However, in some cases it can be covered by insurance but for only specific reasons.

Accidental damages
Those specific reasons mentioned above are what are called "accidental damages". This means that there is some kind of impact to the building itself by any kind of animal (though it still does not include pets). For instance, should a pigeon should fly into one of your windows, then this will be included in the insurance. But! If your pet should destroy a fence then this is not up for insurance at all.

When looking over your house or residential's insurance policy, take a good look at the part what kind of damages are covered by the insurance specifically when it concerns animals.
Looking over the insurance properly might even help you when choosing a house or what insurance to get when the time comes depending on your needs.
But you might as want to take further care with rodents such as mice and rats in your house. Try ways to keep them off your property before you even incur any damages because of them. If you do have a mouse problem in your house, take care not to let it get to the point where it may potential harm you or damage your property gravely. Remember, mice tend to gnaw and chew at electrical wires and if not addressed properly, an electrical fire may happen and cause a whole new set of problems for you and you may potentially have to shell out the money yourself because as this article has already said, insurance policies don't usually cover damages caused by mice. Instead, your best solution would be prevention rather than insurance.
Hopefully, this article was able to help you understand a little bit about insurance policies when it concerns animal damages and that despite not being covered by insurance for such animal damages, you will take the necessary steps in order not to have to worry about whether your insurance will cover it.

Example Mouse Removal in Tampa Email:

Hi, David, I just read your info on the internet about trapping mice. I am not in your area, but I am interested to hear about your fees. How much do you charge to trap the mice who are nesting in the house? I am a real estate agent in Williamsburg, and one of my homes has mice nesting in the roof of the porch. The mice have chewed through the trim (board was not in good shape). My clients are out of town, and I am taking care of the house for them while it’s on the market. I called a pest control company, but they don’t do mouse removal. So, they gave me the name of a guy who could take care of it. $2000 later… I think the mice are gone. This guy trapped 19 mice on the ground…at $75/mouse… some days 2 or 3 mice. And $45/visit… one visit each day. The job has taken over 2 weeks. Please tell me if you think this is normal and/or reasonable? I should have written for advice prior to agreeing to work with the guy, but he said that there are typically 2 adults and 3-4 juveniles… so 6 mice didn’t sound like the cost would be this extravagant. I’ve now found out that it makes more sense to put the traps on the roof (not on the ground as this guy did). By the way, it doesn’t appear the mice have gotten into the attic… just the roof of the porch. Thanks! Susan

What company did you hire? Yes, I don't see much of a point in setting traps all over the yard. In cases in which I deal with animals in a building, I usually mount a trap or one-way exclusion door right on the mouse hole, and solve the problem in just two service visits (1 setup visit, 1 takedown visit).  Well, what's done is done, no use crying over spilt milk.

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