Tampa Raccoon Removal & Extermination

Tampa Pest Wildlife ™ - we humanely trap and relocate raccoons. Tampa is full of raccoons - they thrive in urban areas, and live off of garbage and pet food. They often live under decks or sheds, and especially, in attics. They have no problem climbing up to the roof of the home and tearing the eaves right open to gain access to the attic.
  • Raccoons often break into the attic and raise babies.
  • Raccoons often raid garbage cans or steal pet food.
  • The droppings can contain roundworm, which can infect humans or pets.
  • Racoons are very strong and very good climbers.
  • We clean up the rat waste after we catch them, and clean the attic.

Example Raccoon Removal in Tampa Email:

Hi my name is Jennifer and we want to get into attic to clean up after 4 raccoons we caught and relocated. Our problem is the attic opening is in my Mom's bedroom and she had it nailed shut and refuses to let us up their without professional advice on if it is ok to bring down items through house without contaminating house. Christmas is approaching and ALL of our decorations and tree are up there along with my winter wardrobe :( I am a single mom and my daughter is heartbroken to think that our belongings could be ruined but we will never know unless Mom allows us up there. My brother did purchase a suit and respirator so we are trying to do things safely. She has it in her head that germs are airborne and if attic is opened she will be made sick along with the rest of us. Please give me ANY advice you can to calm Mom down so we can move on with either cleaning up and bringing down items or having to replace them and move on. Your time will be GREATLY appreciated on this one. My Thanks to you in advance Jennifer

I'm sure your stuff is fine, and it is of no health risk. There are no airborne germs unless you pick up raccoon feces, and even then, the chance of germs is extremely low. I've been in hundreds of attics, often with no respirator, and I've handled a lot of raccoon feces, and I've never had a problem.  However, if it's a matter of concern to you and your mother, I can come to your house with the proper biohazard gear - I wear full biohazard suit and respirator - for a professional attic cleaning that will ensure no diseases.

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