Tampa Squirrel Removal & Extermination

Tampa Pest Wildlife ™ commonly deals with squirrel problems. Squirrels are one of the most common pest animals that we deal with, particularly because mother squirrels often chew their way into your attic in order to have a safe place to raise their young. They also bring in nesting debris, and chew on wood and electrical wires in the attic. The young also make a lot of noise when they grow up.
  • Squirrels just love to live in your attic.
  • They are most active in the morning and evening.
  • Female squirrels give birth twice a year, in late summer and winter.
  • Squirrels will chew their way into your house, and chew on wires.
  • We clean up the squirrel waste after we catch them, and clean the attic.

Example Squirrel Removal in Tampa Email:

I see that you work in Tampa, I am from Clearwater.  Can you suggest a safe way to get the squirrel to actually come out? We've had one in our ceiling for several weeks now (at least we're assuming it's a squirrel as we've been told if we hear activity during the day then that is what we have). We've assumed she likely has a litter, but we don't hear a lot of noise other then the scratching which is usually right around the same time of day (though not every day). We've removed the branches from our tree that were too close giving access to the roof and have yet to seal up the hole which is where we figure she got in. We have a live animal trap on the roof with the appropriate bate (for almost a week now), but still she's not come out. We may have caused her to go a different path due to cutting the branches down so placement of the trap is possibly the problem. My husband thinks we can smoke her out thru access at the other end of the house forcing her out the other side, but will she leave her litter or can she carry them all? Locating her litter could be next to impossible since this section is the one that leads right to the chimney and is warm anyway. So far she's made two slightly larger then a quarter sized holes and one small hole in our ceiling (all within this one rafter section). I'm just concerned she will fall thru and then be in the house with a barking dog, cat, and three young children. Any suggestions would be fabulous. Thanks, Jenn

My reply: Squirrels need water to survive, and with a high metabolism, food every day. Your squirrel is exiting and entering several times each day. That doesn't mean that you're going to successfully trap it. I can come to your house and mount traps or exclusion doors directly on the entry / exit hole, to be sure we catch the squirrel.

Thanks so much, I had a stakeout with the kids, BK, and a movie in the car today out front. We surely spied her coming in, so now we know the path she takes to come in. And it only took about 20 minutes. Thanks for the offer, I'll call you if we can't get her trapped. ~Jenn

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