Do rats enter a building through the plumbing?

Don’t know what plumbing is? It is a system or channel of drains, fittings, and pipes used for the distribution of liquid substances within a house. If rats can chew through and find their way into the attic, then entering a building through the plumbing will not be a problem. Rats are stubborn Rodents that you just can’t do away with except you decided to put extra efforts in reducing their population. They can make your store, kitchen, attic, etc miserable and will give you series of sleepless nights. In this article, we are going to look at some ways in which rats can have easy access into a building through the plumbing.

Ways In Which Rats Can Enter A Building Through The Plumbing:

By chewing through pipes
It is important to know that rats can chew through a pipe, and with that, they can easily find their way through the plumbing and will eventually end up inside the building. This is a proven concern, as many homeowners will be forced to provide rat-proof for any pipe in the house that is visible.

Through a ground-level pipe that goes into the wall
If there is any slight opening on the plumbing that connect ground-level pipe to the wall that leads to the attic, rats can easily have access into the building without stress. Remember they have the sharp teeth that can chew through wood, plastic, and even cement; therefore, a rubber pipe that goes into the building will not be a problem for them to destroy and penetrate inside.

Through openings from air conditioner cables
Sometimes, electricians will have to make some holes in order to fix an air conditioner against a wall. In a situation when some openings were left (no matter how small they are)on both sides of the air conditioner cable, chances are rats will have easy access into the building and will eventually find themselves in the attic, thereby causing lots of troubles for the household.

It is important to note, plumbing is one of the least objects that can make rats force through the building. One thing homeowners will hardly change is the fact that, rats have so many ways of entering into the building; if they don’t enter through the main door, they will have access through the window; if they can’t enter through the window they will enter through any openings on the ceiling or through the roof. They can also have easy access if they are able to climb the chimney. All these attributes are proven challenges to homeowners, what is needed for homeowners to do is to encourage routine inspection and repair any damage that may likely be an entry point for the rats.

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  • Rats most commonly enter the walls or attic.
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