Why Do Rats Die in the House?

Florida rats are very vicious rodents that are both gluttonous and greedy. They mainly eat foodstuffs from houses and are not choosy on what they eat. There are very many cases of rats dying in houses.

Houses are their home
Rats, unlike many other rodents, like staying inside human houses. They may dig a tunnel or make a nest but they always like their habitats in the comfort of human houses. However, Tampa rats can also live in the wild. Living in the houses increases the chances that they will also die while in the house.

Attacks by predators
There are very many animals that hunt and eat rats. Cats are the best example sine they live in houses and this means that they can easily catch a rat when they see one. Cats cherish the flesh of a rat and they may therefore hunt as many of them as they can finish. They kill these small animals before consuming them and this is one reason why you would find dead rats in your house. The more cats you have, the more likely that you will come across dead rats in your house.

Small animals like Florida rodents are weak and thus can get injured by other Tampa rodents or other bigger animals. Injured rats go back to their nests to nurse their wounds and this spots are where you are most likely to find their corpses after they die.

Rats, like many other animals, suffer from many diseases in their lifespan. However, some of the diseases are fatal and may kill the rats. Rats that have died due to a disease will most like exhibit some common characteristics of the sickness. These include falling hairs and general weight loss. Any time you see a rat that has died due to a disease; you should call animal removal services since the disease may also affect your family and also pets and poultry.

There are very many people that use rat poison to get rid of these small rodents. Most rat poisons kill the animal after a few days of ingestion. The rats may have been poisoned in your house by your own poison or in a neighbor’s place. Poisoned rats should be disposed of immediately since if pets like dogs feed on them, they may also die from the poisoned flesh.

Abandonment by parents
Florida Rats at a very young age are very weak and helpless. They cannot defend themselves from attacks and they can also not fend for themselves. These means that they can die from hunger or attacks from predators. Abandoned rats may be in large numbers of more than five. Also, it could be a single rat that was left by its parents when they were relocating to another place.

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  • Rats most commonly enter the walls or attic.
  • You may hear scratching or scampering in the ceiling at night.
  • You may find small rat droppings or few gnawed on.
  • We eliminate all rats and seal off all areas of entry.
  • We clean up the rat waste after we catch them, and clean the attic.

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