Will a pest control company remove a rat?

SUMMARY: Pest control companies use poison, which is a terrible approach to rat control. We do trapping and exclusion, which provides a PERMANENT solution.

Discovering that your home is invaded by Florida rats is most certainly shocking and terrifying, and dealing with the removal of the rats might not be bearable to everyone.

For many reasons, you might want to hire someone else to do it for you. But, how have the pest control companies been effective in removing rats so far?

Pest removal companies have been around for quite some time now, and their expertise in removing wildlife from homes is beyond doubt. However, when it comes to removing rats, and several other species of pests, these companies may not always be the way to go. On the one hand, experts have seen unbelievable situations in their field work, and have the knowledge to fix almost any problem you have. On the other hand, some issues, like Tampa rat infestation, are hard to solve in only one visit. For this reason, not all homeowners are convinced that bringing in the pest control will automatically fix their problem.

When it comes to removing rats from your home, you actually have only two effective options available. First would be using the death traps. This is considered to be the most humane way to remove a rat. Death trap kills the rat quickly and painlessly by breaking its neck.

However, the pest removal companies most often opt in to use the poison. Also, rumor has it that some of the companies don't do a thorough. Job on purpose, to have their customers come back continuously.

Most of these companies will use the poison as their mean to remove rats, which can be wrong for several reasons. First of all, the poison will most likely not be effective in removing all the rats, and will only cause them great agony. Also, using poison in your home will put your family, you and even your children into even more danger.

Unless you have a strong reason not to be able to perform rat removal yourself (panic, illness, allergies) , rather just try to remove them by yourself with using death traps.

To properly use death traps on Tampa rats, place them near Florida rat feces you discovered. This way you will make sure that the trap and the bait are in the rats' way.

To solve any moral dilemma you might have with killing rats, you need to know that rats have no chance of survival if they are relocated. Rats, once adapted to a certain environment, can't survive in the different environment. They will not be able to feed or hunt. Given that rats are a great threat to a safe life, you are left with no other option than to use death traps to remove them.

Tampa Pest Wildlife ™ are expert rat control specialists. We consider ourselves the best rat control company in the Tampa Bay area, and have a 100% success record. We give a guarantee on all of our rat control work. We don't just poison or trap rats - we solve the root of the problem, and use integrated pest management and structural repair and prevention work to solve the problem permanently.
  • Rats most commonly enter the walls or attic.
  • You may hear scratching or scampering in the ceiling at night.
  • You may find small rat droppings or few gnawed on.
  • We eliminate all rats and seal off all areas of entry.
  • We clean up the rat waste after we catch them, and clean the attic.

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